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  • Javi Galien
    Javi GalienPRO Team tattoo artist

    Javi Galien is specialist in oriental tattoos and one of the most recommended artist when choosing who’s going to tattoo your skin. Long-experienced at the tattoo’s world and one of the main characters of the reality-show Madrid Ink.

    • An expert on realism in color style and several times rewarded internationally. Vibrant colors that don’t lose quality once healed. He’s a world benchmark for everyone.

      • One of the trendy influentials in the tattoo field. After tattooing several celebrities such as Neymar or Spanish singers such as Melendi or Rosa López, the name of this tattoo artist started to sound with force, contributing with his grand artistic level to the realistic Black&Grey tattoo since years ago.

      • Inked IN is a brand wich is based on the traditional Mediterranean wisdom, specially formulated for the body art care.

      • With natural ingredients tipical from the Mediterramean countries ( lavender, marigold, hypericum, peppermint, chamomile...)

      • To soothe the skin, reduce the pain and inflammation, protect from infections and boost a faster healing process after getting a tattoo, piercing or stretching lobes,

      • Also to take care of the skin and relieve the irritation after a laser treatment.

      • 100% certified organic by IMO (Institute For Marketecology)

      • IMO certified provides you with reliable quality control services and certification of organic, eco-friendly and socially-responsible products.

      Laser Aftercare Tips

      You can speed up healing and make sure that your skin remains healthy by following these tips: The most important thing to do is to keep the affected area clean and dry. using a perfume-free and [...]

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